Food Cold Room

Food cold rooms have been developed to make life easier for those who need large-scale refrigeration.

They are walk-in refrigeration units, commonly installed in restaurants and hospitality settings to keep the product to the required chilled temperature. This helps to preserve food and provide a dedicated storage area for stock. They allow for easy stock rotation and a clear view of remaining food to help save on food being spoiled.

Cold rooms for food are made to have a controlled internal temperature via high-quality insulation. Structurally, they have tight walls and floor junctions to remain airtight, and durable surfaces that can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected.

If you need to ensure many items are kept cold, then investing in a food cold room is a worthwhile option.

Commercial food cold room

Food cold rooms give businesses much-needed storage and walk-in functionality when compared to standard fridges and freezers, combining convenience and practicality. Kitchen cold rooms are usually available to purchase outright or rent/lease for a fixed-term basis. This gives you both a short and long-term option depending on your business needs. Having a fixed-term cold room to rent is a great way to test whether it gets the desired use before you decide to purchase a custom-designed one.


food cold room