Model Board

Tips When Using Model Board

Model board, also referred to as tooling board, was originally developed in aerospace precision engineering. Both low and high-temperature model board are well known for possessing excellent machining characteristics and dimensional stability, making It a very popular choice across many different industries.

When the model board is being shaped, you should take care to use the correct speed setting for the model board you are using to make sure that the material is not damaged in any way. It should be the case that the cutting tool being used can quickly move in and out of the model board.

When using high temperatures during CNC machining, it is recommended to ramp down slowly in increments. This is because it allows the tool temperature to cool down slowly to prevent cracking. It is also important to make sure the correct type of model board is used. Epoxy model board especially is made specially to withstand very high temperatures.

Another tip is to ensure a compatible mould release is used so the mould and tool avoid damage. Care should be taken to choose the correct release agent, as it can affect the curing process. You should always aim to test a sample part to confirm compatibility with your chosen materials.

Model boards are available in a wide range of densities and thicknesses to match the performance requirements of the industry, so you can be sure you will find one to work best with what you are looking for.

model boards

Steel Stockholders Birmingham

What Do Steel Stockholders Birmingham Do?

Steel Stockholders Birmingham’s main role can be described as being are responsible for the stock, constructs, supplies and distribution of a variety of steel products. This can then be sold to many different companies in bulk which are then used in various consumer products.

Steel Stockholders Birmingham can supply various quantities and mix of steel required for different projects.

Examples of different types of steel forms are:

  • Heavy structural sections
  • Hot rolled and cold formed products
  • Universal beams
  • Columns plate

Steel stockholders can offer steel processing to your exact specification. Steel Stockholders Birmingham can also design and supply bespoke finished products to order – which will in turn come at a higher cost price.

What Methods Do Steel Stockholders Use?

Steel Stockholders Birmingham is done by various methods including Cut to length, punched, fabricated to manufacture exactly to customer drawings and specifications. This service provides customers with the highest quality steel products. Bespoke steel products have a longer lead time to be produced, sometimes taking up to 10 weeks, which is usually reflected at an inflated cost. This is worth bearing in mind at the start of a project.

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Food Cold Room

Food cold rooms have been developed to make life easier for those who need large-scale refrigeration.

They are walk-in refrigeration units, commonly installed in restaurants and hospitality settings to keep the product to the required chilled temperature. This helps to preserve food and provide a dedicated storage area for stock. They allow for easy stock rotation and a clear view of remaining food to help save on food being spoiled.

Cold rooms for food are made to have a controlled internal temperature via high-quality insulation. Structurally, they have tight walls and floor junctions to remain airtight, and durable surfaces that can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected.

If you need to ensure many items are kept cold, then investing in a food cold room is a worthwhile option.

Commercial food cold room

Food cold rooms give businesses much-needed storage and walk-in functionality when compared to standard fridges and freezers, combining convenience and practicality. Kitchen cold rooms are usually available to purchase outright or rent/lease for a fixed-term basis. This gives you both a short and long-term option depending on your business needs. Having a fixed-term cold room to rent is a great way to test whether it gets the desired use before you decide to purchase a custom-designed one.


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Midlands Floor Screeding

The Benefits of Midlands Floor Screeding

Floor screeding delivers an advanced screeding solution which serves best when applied in conjunction with an underfloor heating system. Also called a liquid screed. This process is a type of screeding method that brings more advantages over the traditional screeding of sand and cement mixture. Pump-applied, free-flowing and self-compacting synthetic anhydrite, this new generation floor screeding product is applicable for both residential and commercial developments. It brings benefits such as the quick pouring time of a floor screed. 100 m2 of liquid screed, for instance, can be applied in just an hour. And the process of the screeding requires lesser labour intensive, which make you save a fair amount on your overall building expenses.

Floor screed

Traditional floor screeding or liquid floor screed

Unlike the traditional midlands floor screeding methods, liquid screed delivers advantages such as the low possibility of shrinkage and cracking. Liquid screed in the midlands is the go-to screeding process for floor building with an underfloor heating system. The flow screed fully wraps around the UFH pipes thus completely enveloping it. With the screeding materials featuring a higher thermal efficiency, it contributes to the better responsiveness and better function of the heating system. The liquid screed is also a better floor screeding option because you would not need a wheelbarrow here for the application. Unlike with the other method wherein, the wheelbarrow needs to be wheeled back and forth which can damage the pipes.

Liquid Floor Screeding in the Midlands

Flow screed is appropriate for use in all kinds of houses and offices, and it is presently used in many commercial buildings, hospitals, and airports. Liquid floor screed dries faster and can be laid substantially thinner compared to the other traditional materials. Guaranteeing to fill all voids and irregularity, Liquid Screed is the best option for a good quality sub-flooring. It can be forced dried by turning on the UFH system, seven days after its installation so you can already apply the floor finishing surface which can be floor tiles, vinyl or wood.

Helly Hansen Workwear Bag

Helly Hansen Work Bag

Helly Hansen is the most reliable source for all types of different articles of clothing for each occasion, most popular being its affordable and appropriate work bags, offering different types of duffel bags in a variety of colours and sizes to backpacks in a wide range of colours and capacity.

Helly Hansen Workwear Bag

These high-quality Helly Hansen workwear bags are made to be resistant to all forms of battery the workplace may deliver to it, allowing high powered tools to be stored in these bags without the worry of damaging it. Not only this, but Helly Hansen Work Bags come water-proof to keep your peace of mind when holding electronic tools and other electronic items held within them.

Here at Helly Hansen, we offer professional trolley bags that can keep a huge amount and variety of items in them from tool boxes and many other items that can prove useful in day to day life in the workplace. These bags are suitable for any type of workplace varying from office work to industry allowing you to conduct yourself in the highest manner whilst giving you protection from the harsh outdoors, essential parts for any workplace.

Choose us, Helly Hansen, to make you stand out from the crowd and help ease your workload each passing day. We guarantee integrity and durability with each of the bags we offer to you, we do not accept satisfactory gear, we only accept the very best in quality for you.

We have been supplying the public with the highest quality clothing and accessories since 1877.